3 Most Common Myths Regarding China Sourcing

The stability and certainty that surround the Chinese economy are the biggest reasons why companies from all over the globe source products from here or intending to open up manufacturing unit here. Despite rising labor costs, China has kept a steady increase in both exports and imports. Global companies still are moving or maintaining their production in China – a sign that others, too, may find success sourcing in China.

There is an incredible opportunity in China up for grabs for the American business owners and entrepreneurs. There is a great chance for you to manage product sourcing from the Chinese agents by reducing the risk with a methodical approach. But over the years several myths have grown regarding China sourcing. Let’s break some of the myths related to China sourcing.

There is a limited opportunity in China to protect your brand name against counterfeits– To be very honest, counterfeiting is really a major problem in China, but which country is immune from it (that includes the US too). The Chinese government has taken some strong actions against the counterfeiters in order to refine the image of the country in the international community. If you think the moment you start manufacturing your product in China, it is going to be duplicated then you are wrong and if it happens, you can easily stop the duplicators from counterfeiting your product with the help of a professional China lawyer. Once your trademark is registered you will be able to submit takedown requests to Chinese e-commerce sites, request Chinese customs to seize goods, and bring lawsuits for trademark infringement.

China has an underdeveloped delivery location for services– As a potential importer of the Chinese goods, you need to know that there are more than nine-thousand service providers operated throughout China. As an importer you can be sure that along with the national service providers China is the home of some of the large multi-national service providers. You can be rest assured that you will get your delivery on time.

Chinese manufacturers don’t provide samples to their clients- Most of the foreign companies complain that they haven’t got any sample from their Chinese manufacturer. According to the China sourcing experts, if you are doing business with a standard company they will surely provide you a sample before starting the production. Usually most of the reputed Chinese manufacturers send samples to their clients via DHL Express and FedEx Express, and they receive the sample within a week.

It is advised to all the foreign businesses to establish a long-term business relationship with the product sourcing agents of China. It will help you to secure products at a more favorable pricing and payment terms and the agent will be more accommodating in resolving any issue regarding the import as quickly as possible.

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