How to Source from China Without Involving Agents

A reliable sourcing agent could play a pivotal part when it comes to source products and goods from China. But the biggest difficulty that small businesses and start-ups face while hiring Chinese sourcing agents is the hiring cost. It can be relatively high and out of reach for the businesses with not so strong financial strength. So we have decided to share some of the tricks and techniques small start up businesses and entrepreneurs can follow for finding Chinese products on their own.

Draft a comprehensive product specification-

The very first thing you need to chalk out while importing products from China is making a comprehensive product specification. It signifies that you need to have a proper knowledge of the product and its features such as the quality, performance and function. According to the market experts, as an importer you need to have a clear cut idea about the specific things you want in the items you are importing from your Chinese manufacturer.

United States, Europe, Australia or New Zealand based importers should keep in mind that most of the Chinese manufacturers do not comply with the Western certification standards. There is a huge possibility that the products you have sourced are not permitted by the customs department for failing to comply the certification standards. So what is the way out?

There are three possible ways you can solve this problem.

Remedy 1– Closely verify the laboratory test reports and previous certificates issued by the third party to the Chinese manufacturer you have selected for making your products.

Remedy 2– Properly determine the standard or directive needed to maintain in your country for the specific item you intended to source, and instruct your China manufacture to maintain all these standard requirements and directives while making them.

Remedy 3– Use your contacts and other businesses that are involved in China sourcing and investigate whether your supplier is actually capable to manufacture compliant products or not.

Stay away from wasting time on the incapable suppliers-

There is a saying that “A penny saved is a penny earned” in the context of the China sourcing it changes a bit, here “ Time saved is a money earned”. The entire process of selecting a supplier is time-consuming. You need to contact lots of suppliers and asking their quote, for instance, if you have contacted 500 suppliers only hundred will reply you back, among these hundred suppliers even fewer are likely to be able to comply with your product specifications and certification requirements. In the end, you’ll be left with a handful of qualified suppliers, and after the price negotiation is completed the number will reduce to 3 or so. You can imagine that you have started your search from 500 and only get 3 choice left at the end. That’s why saving the time by shedding off unqualified suppliers quickly is really important.

Make your supplier aware about the quality inspections and product testing-

Before signing out the deal, make sure you have a provision in your contract with the Chinese supplier that quality inspections and product testing will be conducted at any time to make sure the products are compliant with your specifications and quality requirements. Interestingly you could see most of the suppliers will not give positive answer to it. In the view of the China business experts, it is actually good as you can easily find out unqualified suppliers and streamline your choice before giving your order.

In order to source Chinese goods without the help of a sourcing agent, you need to do your research properly. By following our suggestion, you can get the job done quite easily without spending high.

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