Make your China Sourcing More Profitable by Following these Tips

Cheap and highly affordable Chinese products can lead the line for a brilliant business prospect. Smaller businesses with limited financial strength can import different types of products from the China wholesale suppliers and sell them in their home market. Although it is not that easy as it may sound, but sourcing products from China is not a tough nut that you can’t crack. As an overseas importer, you simply need to be aware of the few basic sourcing guidelines in order to getting duped or facing legal issues.

Top tips-

  • Plan your import objectives-

Before you start sourcing products from China, it’s a good idea to be clear about what you are trying to achieve. You might be looking at China to find a cheaper source of supplies, or to import products that aren’t yet available in your home market. At the same time importing should fit in with your overall business strategy. Products such as electrical machinery, toys, sports equipment, footwear, electronic gadgets and clothes can boost up your venture.

  • Go for a Chinese wholesale supplier-

It is a good idea for the foreign companies to for a Chinese wholesaler instead of a drop shipping company. A China wholesaler could offer you products at a competitive price and you could gain more value for your money. You can locate them easily by searching online in the platforms such as AliExpress, Alibaba and in the website of Federal International Trade Association. You can remain completely stress-free regarding your sourcing as most of the wholesale suppliers of China are well versed in exporting products from China to other countries and they are also quite good in terms of communicating in English with their foreign clients.

  • Request product samples from the manufacturer-

When sourcing products from China, always try to check the sample of the product. In spite of being the manufacturing heaven in the world, China do have a reputation for delivering substandard products to their clients. Obtaining a sample lets you scrutinize every aspect of the product, from the parts and materials used to product dimensions and the supplier’s attention to fine details. By checking the sample of a product, you can determine their quality, judge their standard and closely monitor whether it is the same product that you have ordered. Most of the reputable China wholesale suppliers are willingly send you the sample of the product you have ordered. You can give him the green light for further production of the product after checking the sample.

There are three transport mediums you can use to get your products from China such as by air, by sea and by post. Using sea is ideal if you are importing huge amount of products, for delicate and easily perishable items air route is appropriate and for the small amount of goods, post is a convenient medium. Make your China sourcing more profitable by following the above-mentioned strategies.

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