Make your Procurement Easier with Chinese Sourcing Agents

Most of the foreign companies from different parts of the world turn to China for their procurement needs. But finding a reliable manufacturing company who can manufacture your product can be challenging. It is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. Importers often feel like they need some help to find a good supplier in China. A product sourcing agent in China could prove to be a valuable partner for the foreign businesses to locate a decent manufacturing company who can offer them excellent service.

What is a sourcing agent in China and why you need them?

Sourcing agents may represent a single employer or a buying office that serve a number of companies and clients. Their primary task is to identify sources for products and supplies in China for their foreign clients who can offer them products at low prices so the company can save money on production. Sourcing agents can help your business manage all the challenges and risks, and help you benefit from the opportunities in China sourcing.

Skills Chinese sourcing agents have-

  • All the Chinese sourcing agents possess brilliant communication skills in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.
  • They are capable of using all the latest technologies and have sound knowledge of using sophisticated devices.
  • Because the sourcing agent handles all aspects of business in China, they have the right capability to understand your production objectives and targets.
  • Prominent Chinese sourcing houses have extensive knowledge of the local area, law and top-officials of that particular place. They also have category and sourcing process experience.
  • They are laced with remarkable negotiating skills and have profound knowledge of the international business scenario. That’s why they always negotiate good prices.
  • Knowledge about a product and industry-insight is a decisive factor and an experienced agent have them all.
  • Quality Control, Audit and Logistics are the fields where they have immense expertise.

A sourcing agent acts on your behalf to ensure smooth procurement of products ordered. They visit the manufacturing plants, do background checks to verify the credibility and reliability of the manufacturer and make suitable arrangements to ensure the timely delivery of right goods to you.

The process of sourcing products from China-

Importing products from China is relatively easy process once you are aware of the right sourcing strategy. After finding China sourcing company following are the process you have to go through-

  • Process1- You need to sign up and submit your sourcing request with details of products you need.
  • Process2- You will receive a product quote from the sourcing company within 48 hours.
  • Process3- You need to confirm the price sent by the agent house.
  • Process4- They will send you a sample for checking the quality.
  • Process5- After receiving your approval the production will be started in full-throttle.
  • Process6- After the production is completed they will help you to manage the shipping of your production.

Product sourcing agents in China can work towards finding the best possible prices for you with no compromise on quality. In fact, you are guaranteed the highest quality and the best rates throughout the pre-production and the manufacturing process.

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