3 Best Possible Ways to Get your Goods from China

Expanding your business by dealing with Chinese wholesalers offers a wealth of advantages and opportunities. You can grow sales, balance out seasonal instability, extend the life cycle of your products, and create value by meeting consumer demands.

The China items wholesalers offer a wide a range of goods and products that will appropriately suit your business. When you source products from China, you would be able to find products with relatively lower price, providing you a competitive edge or new supplies that allow you to sell a completely different product.

When you buy products from Chinese wholesalers, it is important to find good suppliers. When sourcing from China, you need to make sure your supplier offers you products according to your specifications, standards and price. China sourcing can also come with complications, such as managing long-distance relationship, language barrier, legal disputes, custom clearance, international transport and a faulty sourcing plan.

Shipping from ChinaShipping from China-

Being an importer, there are so many things you need to consider properly at the time of sourcing items from your Chinese wholesalers. For any US entrepreneur, it is the shipping from China is perceived as a major hassle when importing products. Certainly you want your goods should be delivered safely, on the designated day/time, and within your budget.

When it comes to get your order from China, there are mainly two options you could go for:

  1. Business owners can leave the entire responsibility of shipping the goods on their China items wholesalers. It is their sole responsibility to send the product to their American clients.
  2. Business owners need to arrange the shipment of the goods on their own.

Although, the first option seems more viable, but when you strike a deal with a Chinese wholesaler that includes the delivery of the product, they will charge you way higher than if you could go yourself bringing your goods. Getting your products on your own is a money-saving option.

Here we are explaining the entire process of getting products for those who want to arrange the shipment of the goods on their own from China.

  • Get your products via sea- The most cheapest and secure way of getting your product in the USA from China is by sea. You can do business tie-ups with the local companies of China, who provides shipment services to the United States. Just make sure you take insurance of the goods from the shipping agent. Although it will take time to get hold of your product but it is a cost-effective way to get a huge amount of products.
  • Via air- This option is specially viable if you want your product in quick time. It is an expensive exercise but perfectly suitable for high-value products and items such as fashion products including jewelry, clothing, or electronics. Although expensive comparing to sea, Air freight is all about the time aspect. Time is money, and that extra month you can save on the transit time, can be worth far more than the extra shipping cost.
  • Amazon FBA- It is another unique way to get your product from China. Amazon requests your products to be shipped to multiple warehouses, not one centralized location. Amazon will almost certainly require you to ship your products to multiple warehouses unless you have Inventory Placement turned on.

Choosing the best delivery option is completely dependent on your unique circumstance and requirements.

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