3 Top Selling Consumer Items to Source from Chinese Wholesalers

With hundreds of thousands of suppliers and millions of products available to source from China, it is a puzzling question for most of the U.S. business owners to identify which product they should import and sell. The demands, requirements and preference of the American people change quite frequently. American consumers are the most whimsical buyers of the world.

It is never a pleasant experience that a product that you have sourced from China, have no actual demand in your home market. Your entire investment, as well as effort will go in vain. So it is crucial that you have conducted a thorough market research before sourcing goods from Chinese suppliers wholesale. We have compiled a list of best selling consumer items you can think of sourcing from China.

Waterproof Phone Cases-

With the growing usage of smartphones, the demands of waterproof phone cases have also increased. If the smart phone falls down in the water mistakenly, then usually Smartphone become out of order, nowadays, waterproof cases available in the market that people can purchase for protecting their smart phone from the water. Cases that have a polycarbonate inner shell that is backed with padding and is fronted with clear plastic to protect the screen are really popular among the American smartphone users. It’s also worth mentioning that even cheap cases can offer the drop protection by preventing massive damage when the phone droops for the first time. A lot of phones have particularly slippery backs, and a good case can add a bit of grip to keep it from sliding out of the users hand and onto the concrete.

Wooden Sunglasses-

We have all seen fashion in all stages of its evolution. Some styles or trends work and become timeless and others eventually become hated and mocked. Either way, if there is something on the rise that people like usually they try to push it as far as they can. A current trend in glassware is the wood sunglasses. Instead of the plastic frames, this new product line uses wood to frame their lenses. By using products that nature has provided for us these sunglasses are not only Eco-friendly but very fashionable.Most wood sunglasses include the same lens options that you find anywhere. You can choose polarized lenses that eliminate the glare that the sun reflects on surfaces such as glass and water. You can also opt for standard lenses that offer UVA/UVB protection.You can buy the elegant and smart looking wood watches from the Chinese suppliers wholesale with the trust of brands even. There are so many renowned brands that are catering the demand of the fashion lovers with their products nowadays in the Chinese market.

VR Headsets-

U.S. consumers are always ready to spend their money virtual reality gear. These devices will have higher penetration in the U.S. than elsewhere.

The new retail data suggests that demand for virtual reality and augmented reality products hasn’t been as high as many initially anticipated. Though demand is expected to be strong throughout 2017-18, and particularly during the holiday shopping seasons. In fact, VR applications are now driving the evolution of smartphones like the one in your pocket or purse. Smartphones have become the single most important device in VR systems.

Before sourcing items from China, you need to pick up the perfect product. Who knows your product could become bestseller and transform your entire business.

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