Why All Made in China Goods Are Not Bad

Americans spend way more on stuff that’s made in the China than on stuff that’s made in the USA. According to an Associated Press-GfK poll- he vast majority of Americans say they prefer lower prices instead of paying a premium for items labeled “Made in the USA.” Small, medium and large businesses in the U.S. import various types of goods from the Chinese suppliers at wholesale price, and make them available at an affordable price to the American consumers.

The omnipresence of the Made in China labels all over the US market shows the amount of Chinese made goods Americans use in their life. They dominate the toys, clothing and electronics that get sold in stores like Wal-Mart and Target and Toys-R-Us. China dominates as the main supplying source for the bulk of consumer goods imported to the US. Take a look at the popular items Chinese suppliers export to the American market:

  • Apparel
  • Footwear
  • Furniture
  • Kitchen And Household Appliances
  • Automobiles

Chinese goods are no longer considered as “crappy” by the Americans and the reason behind this is over the years Chinese manufacturing industries take good care that the product they are producing should perfectly meet the American Standard.

Brands like Lenovo, ZTE, Tencent, Haier, Huawei and Hisense has major presence in the USA and they have successfully established themselves in this country. The trend shows that products of the wholesale suppliers of China are gaining popularity not only because of their pocket-friendly price but for their top-notch quality and standard. Over the last couple of years China made a breakthrough in quality and quantity.

Quality depends on manufacturer not country of origin. Many are fixated on the “Made in China” stereotype and they associate everything Chinese with the devices that used to break down immediately after the purchase. This attitude has changed in the recent years. You should always draw a line between Chinese products manufactured by major international companies like Sony and Apple that guarantee quality, and the tiny Chinese cottage industry, which manufactures anything from four-sim card phones to radio watches. Both are Chinese and will have Made in China on their products but the quality will differ significantly.

The main credit for success of Chinese industry should be attributed to the properly planned and precisely executed policies of the Government. The Chinese Government initiated thoughtful strategies when they decided to open the doors of their economy to foreign businesses/investors some three decades back and have diligently supported the manufacturing ecosystem at their end.

The export sector was given a boost by the Chinese government by creating an extensive export network and dismantling impediments to the import of technology. One of the mainstays of the Chinese strategy of following a mass-production and mass-consumption formula is to keep the profit margins low and cover the gap by the subsequent boost in sales. Wholesale suppliers in China deal fairly with their clients and it also encourages the American companies to strike a good deal and import quality products.

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