Top 3 Manufacturing Cities in China

China has displaced the United States as the largest manufacturing nation in the world. China is at a crossroads as it works to maintain its cost advantage and core low-cost production base while also building the more complex capabilities that are required for advanced manufacturing. We are going to take you a tour of some of the best Chinese manufacturing cities and special items they manufacture.


As the largest Chinese city by population and one of the four direct-controlled municipalities, it is no surprise that Shanghai makes its mark as a global financial center. Furthermore, Shanghai offers opportunities and a vast amount of resources for the foreign businesses seeking for the reliable suppliers from China. Unlike most other major Chinese cities, its economy is not based on manufacturing or agriculture but finance, retail, services and real estate. Few suppliers in Shanghai are manufacturers, most are in fact Trading Companies or Representative Offices of Manufacturers in neighboring Zhejiang and Jiangsu Province.


  1. Auto mobile manufacturing industry: Since the 1990s, automobile manufacturing has spearheaded Shanghai’s industrial development. A stupendous boom in the domestic car market in 2002 further saw investment in Shanghai’s auto mobile industry grow rapidly.
  2. Textiles: The textile industry has been a driving force in Shanghai. This city hosts its very own Shanghai Fashion Week and a wide variety of Chinese garment & textile suppliers gather at the Global Sources China Sourcing Fair annually.


It is the capital of China and the country’s political, cultural and international exchange center. As Chinese enterprises continue to springboard their businesses onto the global platform, Beijing’s economic environment has projected an optimistic outlook over the past decade.


  1. Heavy industries: Accounting for about 10% of China’s gross industrial output, heavy industries and metallurgy play a key role in Beijing’s industrial sector. A wide variety of Beijing metallurgy manufacturers and suppliers that produce machinery parts and other metallurgy-related services.
  2. Electronics manufacturing: Wholesale suppliers of China deal in different types of electronic products such as that of mobile phone and computers, is the biggest industry in Beijing.
  3. Chemicals: Beijing industries specialize in the processing of petroleum, cooking gas, processing of nuclear fuel, non-metallic mineral products, raw chemical materials and chemical products.
  4. Auto mobile: Beijing is China’s biggest auto mobile producer. Driven by rising sales of auto mobiles, Beijing’s auto mobile industry has grown rapidly in the past few years.


It is an important industrial base in China and a comprehensive industrial manufacturing center of South China. Through years of development the city has established itself as an export-oriented modern industrial system with a complete range of specialities. Guangzhou has always had a wide range of manufacturers. You can basically manufacture any product you want within its city limits.


  1. Auto mobile and parts industry: Auto industry is an industry that is growing the fastest now in Guangzhou. All the four leading auto manufacturers of Japan, like Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Isuzu, have set up auto-manufacturing factories in Guangzhou.
  2. Petrochemical industry: It is one of Guangzhou’s key industries. The petrochemical industry has been and is mainly centered around refining oil, ethylene, synthetic materials, coatings, fine chemicals, and the processing of rubber.

China is a huge country with many cities that offer different manufacturing capabilities. Some cities are renowned for manufacturing electronics products, some are popular for textiles while some are only good for making super cheap stuff.

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