Popular Wholesale Items to Source from China

The wholesale procurement of Chinese items and selling them in the US market is a profitable business. But most people would agree that the difficult part of sourcing items from China is to decide which product to import.

From garment products to furniture items, the Chinese market is literally limitless when it comes to source products. And this overwhelming presence of different sort of items sometimes makes it really challenging for the business owners to decide which product to source. In this blog, we are going to discuss thoroughly the Chinese wholesale items that are popular among the American business owners for import purpose.

Garment products- The total amount of the textile and apparel related import items from China have increased a lot over the years and will continue to enhance further. Here is a list of the most in-demand garment items US companies source from China

  1. Garment Fabrics: Fabric is the basic material for manufacturing the garments. US companies import mainly two types of woven and knitted fabrics from China.
  2. Sports Wear: America is sports fanatic nation where people love showcase the team they support through wearing the jerseys of their favorite team. Apart from this exercise garments, riding attires, sports uniforms and specialized sports attires are hugely imported from China and they have massive demand in the USA.
  3. Kids Wear: Different types of kids wear have a huge market in America. Kids wear sourced from China are very popular.
  4. Fashion Wear, Occasional Wear and Casual Wear: Chinese fashion wear items are very trendy. Apart from this, casual and occasional wear are also hugely imported from China.

Chinese tools set- Different types tools are imported from China, among them the most popular are:

  1. Machine Tools
  2. Grinders
  3. Welding Tools
  4. Electric Tools
  5. Hand Tools
  6. Farm Implements
  7. Pneumatic Tools
  8. Hydraulic Pressure Tools

Gift Accessories & Decorations- Americans love to receive and offer gifts that’s why gift accessories and packaging products are imported from China in a bulk. The popular gifting products sourced from China are:

  1. Advertising Gifts and Presents
  2. Custom Printed Products
  3. Paper Products and Packing Products
  4. Crafts items
  5. Jewellery, Bone Carvings & Jade Carvings
  6. Pictures and Frames
  7. Festival and Party Decorations
  8. Home Decorations

Generally, importing costs from China to the US are very reasonable. Professionals of the import experts advise only importing small lots until you feel more confident with the process. As with all wholesale procurement, it is better to seek assistance from a Chinese sourcing agent to navigate laws and regulations that apply to the transactions your planning, including licenses, calculation of taxes, duty fees and more.

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