Effective Methods to Find Perfect Product Sourcing Agents in China

Earlier, there was a conception that if anyone wants to do a business, he should look up to the Western countries, but now the trend has reversed. People who want to do business are looking towards East to be more precise toward China. For businesses that are willing to expand and enlarge internationally, forming business relationship with China should be on the top of their agenda. Along with low-cost manufacturing, China offers immense variety of services and goods.

At first glance, doing business in China may seem challenging because of cultural differences. But over the years this country has changed its economic outlook and encouraging market oriented economy with dynamic banking and private sectors. If you have a product idea and you want a manufacturer to produce it for you in China here’s a guideline to help you find the right manufacturer.

Start searching on the internet- It is often becomes a puzzling question for the businesses owners where to start searching and the answer is quite simple go to the internet. On the net you would be able to find a huge list of product sourcing agents in China. The online B2B platforms are perhaps the most informative and reliable sources to search suppliers from China. You could be certain that you would be able to get your hands on a reliable manufacturer that can offer you exactly the product you want. Just make sure you only shortlist entries that come into ‘gold member’ or ‘on-site supplier’ category. It is undoubtedly an affordable way to identify a Chinese wholesale supplier whom you can trust. A detailed report is provided about the supplier along with their reviews, pricing, best selling products and other vital information.

Social networking platforms- Social media platforms are also a great place to identify and check out the reputation about a sourcing agent. Go to check their reviews, comments of their previous clients and you could also contact business owners who have taken their services before ask their experience and seek their suggestion. If you find the reviews are positive you can sign out the contract with the supplier.

Trade shows– To find a trustworthy and legitimate supplier, trade shows can prove really handy. Trade shows enable a business owners to meet the suppliers face to face and discuss all the important issues regarding their price structure, various products, quality control measures and production capacity. Here is a list of mega trade shows held in China-

  • The Canton Fair: Held twice in a year, The Canton Fair is one of the biggest trade shows held in China. Thousands of manufacturers come up with their wide range of products in this fair. A perfect place for finding trustworthy suppliers.
  • The East China: This fair held in Shanghai once a year. You could find vital information about the Chinese manufacturer suppliers in this fair.

Commission based China sourcing agent- There are multiple commission based Chinese sourcing agents you can find. They usually work on the commission basis. Their range varies from three to ten percent of the purchase price. They can be really helpful to find a reliable wholesale supplier. You have to be real careful using an agent as many are hustlers who say they work for you, but really work for the factory. But there is no need to get disappointed because there are many agents whom you can trust and who do not dupe business owners.

Sourcing service provider- It will be helpful for all importers, no matter you are experienced or not to hire a sourcing service provider. They offer end to end product sourcing services that include:

  • Quality control management
  • Supply management
  • Supplier identification
  • Price negotiation
  • Logistics and shipment management

The problem is, importers are seldom good at judging whether someone is trustworthy. With the help of sourcing service provider you can be sure of identifying a trusted supplier. Although the cost of hiring them is bit expensive compared to commission-based sourcing agents, but really worth it.

Trading Company- Another option for identifying China manufacturer is to use the services of a trade company in China. They usually offer authentic and highly-useful services for their clients. You can gather a list of manufacturers in China that seem to fulfil your criteria.

Always have a strong legal foundation for business relationships. Plan ahead before you are contemplating setting up business relationship with China. You need to have a strong strategy for getting the best manufacturing partner.

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