How Can You Source Products From China For Your Business?

It has been noted that there is a marked increase in the number of products imported into the U.S. from China. It signifies that there is a huge possibility of earning big from selling products imported from China. Not knowing the rules of importing goods is the basic difficulty most of the business owners find doing business with Chinese companies. Through this blog, we are trying to offer you a complete picture of doing business in this country.

Retailers can choose from just about any type of product to import from China such as- canned food, clothing, pet accessories, leather goods, jewellery, home appliances, and electronic devices all sold at a fraction of the U.S. prices.

How to Import from China?

Importing goods from China is not at all a challenging task. The entire procedure can be categorized in few simple steps.

  • Step1- Identify the products and items you want to import
  • Step2- Negotiate with the distributor or manufacturer in a legal way( According to the Chinese import law)
  • Step3- Select a freight forwarder to transport your items to the port
  • Step4- Find a customs broker to clear the items once they arrive at the destination port

These are the standard process of importing goods from China. Furthermore, there are companies who have entities in the US as well as in China, it suggests that you could get valuable assistance throughout the process of sourcing products from China.

Sourcing Merchandise

The overall import procedure is quite smooth, but sourcing merchandise is the area where you may face few challenges. Most of the Chinese manufacturers and distributors deal in huge volumes, that makes it quite necessary that you need to invest a big amount of money in order to get the desired profit. If you have the required financial strength and willingness to explore the vast Chinese market, you can research online at websites such as Trade Key and Alibaba to find the type of products you would like to import.

Keep in mind that, China is a country where fake and inferior quality products can be found all over the market. To subside the risk factor, it is paramount that you are working with the professional sourcing agents to locate and purchase the right products.

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