Tips To Find Reliable Wholesale Suppliers In China

An amazing trend observed in the wholesale marketplace in China is as more sellers are signing up, more buyers are looking up what is being sold. There is a limitless opportunity of making money by doing business in Chinese market. But identifying the proper suppliers is one of the most challenging tasks in your consumer good business. There are many scams, fakes, and unethical suppliers out there to watch out for.

Here are the recommended ways to find, then shortlist a great supplier:

  •  Multiple trade shows take place in China throughout the year. These shows are perhaps the best way to find and shortlist reliable wholesale suppliers in China.
  •  Online supplier directories like can easily connect you with manufacturers and suppliers.
  •  There are many entrepreneurs who utilize the opportunities provided by the internet and the growth of these China wholesale manufacturers and suppliers.
  •  Wholesalers can be found all over China, but if you are looking for export markets there is no better place than Yiwu. It is established as a cluster for export-oriented wholesalers.
  •  All manufacturers are not equal, so it is suggested to schedule meetings with as many suppliers as possible.

Even if you manage to find a trusted wholesale supplier there are lot of things still remain to be done. Have a quick look at them:

  • Check business licenses
  • Ask for references
  • Get a sample
  • Conduct factory audits
  • Background checks
  • Visit the company or factory in person
  • Ask for the turnaround time and payment terms


In comparison to manufacturers, wholesale suppliers in China can offer lower Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs). That’s why it is a viable option for the small businesses to partner with the right wholesale suppliers.


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