Why Do You Need a Sourcing or Purchasing Agent in China

Finding a sourcing agent in China is not a hassle free job. But to appoint a sourcing agent, purchasing agent or buying a office is a must do job in China for doing business successfully. If you don’t make an informed decision while selecting a sourcing or purchasing agent in China you might end up losing a lot more than the commission or service fee. A qualified and verified sourcing agent acts an important role on that time when a large order is placed and quality control, loading process, warehousing, shipping, risk control, contract support need to be maintained professionally.

sourcing agent in China

It’s not mandatory that a sourcing or purchasing agent must be an individual. A group of individuals, a team or a company can be your business sourcing agent in China. A good agent can be an extremely valuable for your business in future. If it is needed then individual recruitment can be occur for individual fields like purchasing, warehousing, quality control, risk management, procurement etc. Let’s go through with few points that explain the services offered by a sourcing agent:

  1. Keep finding new products and suppliers.
  2. Work verification and doing inspection of existing suppliers.
  3. Work auditing of existing suppliers.
  4. Product or service price negotiation.
  5. Maintaining supply chain management.
  6. Handling quality control management.
  7. Take a look on business risk control management.
  8. Shipping and loading process supervision.
  9. Managing custom clearance support.
  10. Attending professional trade fair on behalf of his customer.
  11. Obtaining and doing research on recent market trends.

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