Sourcing Chinese Suppliers from Wholesale Market is Easy Post Product Selection

Sourcing Chinese SuppliersIf you are just starting your business, that is if you are a startup, you will definitely want to import products from China. However, doing it in a small quantity is important not to incur loss. There is an advantage of importing small quantity products and there is also a disadvantage to it. The advantage is that you might have to face loss but at a small scale whereas the disadvantage is that you will have smaller quantity products to sell.

What Kind of Products are Suitable for Small Quantity Import?

For small business entrepreneurs it is of immense importance that they understand which kind of products they need to import that will provide value to the business and also to the buyers. However, small business houses normally do not have any idea about what to import from China. But, the high-value or small sized products can be imported by small business houses. Their shipping volume is less and thus it is feasible for them to import in smaller quantities. Products with large size or large package, for example a teddy bear, is not suitable for small quantity importers.

For small business houses, the shipping cost will become sky high when the quantity of products increase. In this case, your chance of facing loss will be more but selling them in the local market might be marginally easy. Thus, for small quantity importers, high-value and small sized products stand a better chance of success. In this way, the shipping cost will not be high, thus making profit earning easier. Watches, fashion accessories and such stuff is always better for small business houses to import from Chinese wholesale suppliers.

Choosing interesting items and not regular ones will also click with the customers. Being a small business house, choosing such products ensure sales. Selling regular stuff is difficult because there will be stiff competition in that sphere. Thus, common products are not suitable for small business houses. Moreover, importing such products is unnecessary because they are probably produced in your own land buying and selling which will offer more profit. Though, there is something that can sell your commonplace products- by making them uncommon. It is special design or patterns on your product. If you can introduce something special or unique to those products, they could be sold easily.

Finding Chinese Suppliers

In order to efficiently source Chinese suppliers in wholesale market, you will have to conduct research on their market and also on the sources and how they are made available to the small business houses. Majority of the small business houses depend on the Internet to find proper sourced agents in China for their products. Visiting China could be way out of budget for them. For such small business entrepreneurs, Alibaba is a great place to look for Chinese suppliers. You can choose from among a wide database of Chinese product suppliers on Alibaba. You can also use DHgate or Aliexpress to source Chinese suppliers for wholesale products for your business. However, remember not to use the clichés in order to impress them and buy products; they deal with it on a regular basis thus, they will be far from impressed.

DHgate and Aliexpress can be used in case you cannot find suppliers at Alibaba. DHgate in fact, sells small quantity products to small time business owners. Aliexpress tends more to retailers. However, make sure about one thing that you do not make your payment before your products are being shipped to you. These platforms though mostly valid might still contain suppliers who are not genuine. Thus, be careful!

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