Using Social Media Optimally to Promote Products from Chinese Suppliers

As we mentioned in our last post that there are various ways to promote products sourced from China, we are going to continue with the role social media plays in its promotion today. Small and medium businesses should employ some techniques to promote their products and overall business. After getting the products at wholesale price from suppliers from China, you should try to promote your products as much as you can through various tricks of the trade. Also, use the web portals optimally to sell products. Here are some promotional stuff that will help you in pitching the products properly.


Discount Promotions- Promoting the discounts is a great way to get more business. Your website to promote the discounts you are providing from clients. Make sure you provide the discount details to allure customers.

Launch Products Elaborately- Build anticipation and momentum for your products after you have listed them. Let the world know that a new product is being launched. Blog about it, write on website, do press release and let the world know about your launch. Thus will create enthusiasm regarding the launch.

Twitter Post- Posting on Twitter can almost guarantee promotion. Using social media powerfully can lead you to more sales in the future. Create links and post them on this platform to reach out to a wide customer base. Make the Twitter account link back to your product and create more space for it.

Utilize Promoted Tweets- Using promoted tweets is a great way to come into the foreground. It is like running an advertisement back and then drive sales, which is traffic here. Make sure to add value to the life of your customer.

Instagram Posts- This is yet another powerful social media platform which can reach out to a wider audience. You can post interesting and elaborate pictures on this social medium to generate interest about your product among the general mass. You can also create a storyboard by using pictures on Instagram about your product so that it generates ample interest among the buyers regarding your products. In this way you can creatively promote your products using this particular social media platform.

Pinterest Appearance- Make your product appear on Pinterest where they can view the product and also the price of the product. Generate backlinks by posting on this platform. This can help your website and your product list rank better on search engines. Promote the pins with the help of promotional ads to reach out to customers. You can help your potential customers find out about your products using Pinterest ads.

Paid Ads- Some social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow paid ads by the sellers which helps in gaining visibility for the seller’s products. Reaching out to the wide customers all across the globe overcoming the geographical boundaries can be established in this way.

Business Page on Facebook- Crate a business page on Facebook and post content relating to your product and interesting back stories and information for your promotional purpose. Share the posts to circulate them so that this promotional step can get you the required visibility and drives sales in the long run.

Review the Keywords/Phrases- Review the keywords or phrases defining your product in the Title, Description or Keywords fields. This is extremely important as the terms used by customers most often should be included in these so that your product appears at a great position on the SERPs. However, remember not to stuff the keywords or phrases, then it will be considered as spam. This plays a major role in promoting your product.

Using the social media to promote your products optimally can be an interesting thing to do. It demands lot of time and also creativity to use the social media in your promotional campaigns. Products sourced through China sourcing agent need to be promoted well online to get traffic in the end. In fact, that should be the primary objective of all the sellers selling products online.

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