Ideal Product Selection from Chinese Wholesale Suppliers to Successfully Sell Online

There should be a proper mix of long tail and super producers in terms of product selection for a reputed online website. Interestingly, it is an 80/20 divide which is also considered as the rule of thumb for online selling. 20% of the products are high producers while 80% form the Long Tail product line. However, you must remember that this mix will only be considered among the products of an individual seller and no comparison is done for these products. One item cannot be the super star; there must be a mix of products to be considered in these categories.

What can be more dangerous than banking on a single product to give you sales volume and profit? Products through China sourcing must be sold with care and strategy to gain profit. When people start out with their business, they face problems with the mix of products. However, in case you have only one product, it will be a challenge to gain profit by selling it. A good mix of core and long tail products will help the seller to beat any risk regarding selling. Selecting products and grouping them is a very important step in becoming a successful seller online.


You can actually survive on 30 products. If your products are mostly high-priced, selling a few number of items can also make you earn profit. However, expanding the stock and pricing them moderately will increase your volume of sales and also help you gain ROI. You will be able to reduce any risk if you begin with maintaining good quality, appropriate supply or demand for a particular brand.

Marketing is Magical

Selling a fantastic mix of products without a proper marketing strategy will definitely make you lose money. Instead, have an effective marketing strategy and you will definitely benefit from great quality and a varied selection of products. People should be able to find your products and you should be visible enough. Buyers should not only find your products, but should also be able to see the benefits of your products to buy them. You should also display the reasons due to which buyers should buy your products. However, this is not all. Choosing the right market and pitching your mix of products is as important as categorizing them.

You are talking a lot about your product and you are talking about the USP of your product is completely different. Showing the USP of your product is important because that is what will attract buyers to your products. Hence what and how you say certain things also matter a lot. Delivering the message and using words to pitch your product perfectly can do the wonder for your business. Convey the proper message through words and you will be the gainer.

If you are feeling great about your product, then that will come out. If you are confident about your product, that will show through in the way you choose your products and also in the way you describe your products. People are generally anxious about the performance of their business which should be overcome before categorizing your products and also before writing down the description of the products. Anxiety could be overcome with the help of confidence on your product. Also, present a good mix of solutions and features as your product description. This will help reach out to the target customer and also aid in creating a base which will be useful in the future.

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