Selling China Sourced Products Internationally by Choosing Proper Location Options

Sourcing products from China and selling them across the globe is not easy. The seller must be disciplined and follow certain basic steps to start selling on reputed online international platforms. However, to see profit at the end of the year, he/she must employ certain advanced selling techniques. While selling products globally, you will realize that there is a difference in selling products which varies from country to country. The way products are listed and searched for a particular country is different from the way people search for products in another country. That is why it is important to count in these differences while you are listing your products.

Choosing to sell an item globally increases the number of potential buyers for your products. With a huge reach, you will be able to hike the price of your products as well as sell more items. There is a way to list items for global buyers; it is easy. Most reputed online selling platforms like eBay offer a form to be filled out by every seller to list their items. A seller needs to fill that out and while filling the form, you have to skip the section on “Ship-to-Locations”. You can fill it later by choosing the right option on “Will ship worldwide” to reach the greatest number of buyers. You can also choose the country you are selling from and then add multiple countries for selected selling regions. In this way, you can customize the countries to which you will ship your products. However, do not forget to read the section on import/export restrictions before choosing the shipping locations.


Connecting with Buyers

Connecting with buyers from around the world is time consuming because you have to reply to emails at odd hours, even at the middle of the night due to the time differences. However, you have to communicate clearly with them so that they do not misunderstand the USP of your products and also you cannot give them any scope to complain regarding your product. Sometimes, they even ask questions on your currency and you are expected to clarify their queries and this demands overcoming the language barriers.

International buyers always convert the price in their currencies to count and rate it. There are generally 2 features facilitating this process. In the first process both the types of currencies are displayed on the Item Page which makes it easy for the buyer to understand the price. The second process involves converting search and listing prices to their local currency from where they are searching for the products. They can click on “Show all prices in local currency” option to know the price for their chosen item. The last option is provided by e-Bay for international sellers and buyers.

Language Translation

When you sell your products internationally, you will face language problems. You can use translation tool to understand the key phrases of your customer’s language. There are some free translation services available on the Internet which provide almost accurate translations. However, no website will guarantee the quality. While using such a service using simple and grammatically correct sentences is advisable to reduce errors in understandable translation. You have to review the buyer’s feedback after buying the product and also consider the nature and value of the product.

Multiple Ways of Listing to Sell Internationally

There are 3 ways to list your products so that you can be internationally visible and sell your products online. They are:

  • Choose Internationally Visible Option- Some online web stores like eBay provides paid listing services to maximize a product’s visibility internationally. The moment you are eligible for the upgrade, you can see it on the review listing page prior to your submission. Each country as a specific fee.
  • List on the Site for Another Country- A particular web store has various branches to other countries and you can post your product on the listing page of another country from the same web store. It is an easy process; you simply have to scroll down the page and click on the link provided for a separate country and you will be directed to that country’s page so that you can add your product in the list. Just fill out the form after that.
  • List on Multiple Country Sites- There is an option for global buying on each of the reputed online retail websites. You can generally find more listing choices under the sell your item section. From the section of multiple options, choose international shipping and clock on save option. Do not forget to choose the cost option for international shipping as well. You can also add locations and customize them according to your needs.

Thus, the choosing options are flexible and thus you can sell your products globally. Simply know what to choose and how to choose to break it into the international market. Customizing the locations is the best option because you can choose the regions you want to sell your products from suppliers from China and this adds more value to your business.

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