Writing Bullet Points to Sell China Wholesale Items on Reputed Online Platforms

Have you ever thought how useful bullet points are in increasing your sales volume? Have you ever noticed that good bullet points can make a difference to your business? Business people selling their products online often ignore the importance of bullet points when placing their products in the right categories. They think that it is not such an important issue and hence can be ignored. However, it is not something to be ignored. Bullet points can actually work wonders for increasing the visibility of the products which in turn will contribute to increasing the sales volume and bring in profit.

What are Bullet Points? Bullet Points

Most of us know what bullet points are but not many of us know how to use it to increase business over the online web stores. The best part about bullet is that it conveys a message clearly and it can attract potential customer’s attention. It actually provides a quick summary for the customer to scan. Since this offers a summary, this is read more than the long descriptions for the products. Nowadays, people do not use up much time on reading descriptions. The attention span of customers has reduced considerably thus increasing the importance of bullets even more.

Selling Online- Use Bullets

Right from multi-million dollar business houses to small home-based business owners are selling their china items wholesale online. Buyers are heading online for buying products and that is the current trend. So, where do bullets points fit in this current trend?

  • Increased Visibility- Bullet points placed on the description section gets more views than anything else when it comes to information gathering regarding the products. Thus, make them count.
  • Space for Words- Different online retailers provide spaces in different capacities for putting in the bullets. Choose the words carefully that describe the products properly. For example, Amazon provides space for 100 characters.
  • Space for Bullets There is also a specified space for the number of bullets that can be used to highlight the USPs of the items. It depends on the websites and their policies. For instance, Amazon provides space for only 5 bullets to describe the items.

There are sellers who do not realize the importance of bullet points thus losing out on customers and sales.

How to Create Magic Bullet Points

Creating magic bullet points is not easy because they have to concise and precise. While putting in those points, you must keep in mind that it should be able to describe the product properly. Here are some points to remember for creation of bullet points:

  • Define the USP and also the benefits derived from buying your product
  • Begin with the most significant benefit and then proceed in the descending order
  • Take advantage of all bullet points along their characters

Experiment by changing the order and customize it so that you can bring out the USP nicely. This is more like placing the sell offer by camouflaging it with the USP.

Business Should Work for You

However you use the bullet points, you should remember that your objective is to make your business work and it should not be the other way round. The basic objective of bullet points is to attract buyers by highlighting the unique selling proposition of your items. Whatever products you are acquiring by China sourcing must be placed in proper category.

Striking a balance between the message and the market you are targeting is important. If the bullet points are not providing a clear message then there is no use placing them. So, make them count.

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