Choose the Best Reputed Platform to Sell Chinese Wholesale Suppliers’ Products

There are several reputed online selling platforms. You can sell your products on any of them, but that is not the point. The point is which one is a better place to sell products and which one produces better scope for earning profit. Small business owners particularly think before placing their products on different platforms because they are running their business on a budget and cannot afford loss. All the products sourced from Chinese wholesale suppliers are placed on some reputed big shot online selling platform. However, a comparative study of some platforms might be helpful in deciding which one to use in promoting and selling products.

Wholesale Suppliers’ Products

Isn’t it Better to Sell at Every Marketplace?

Starting out with the best one often helps in capturing the marketplace and also in creating a lot of interest regarding your products. However, when you wish to expand your business, knowing about all the others help a lot. In fact, this system will help in generating lion’s share of profit if done in a proper way. Some sellers often get confused about the fact that all the marketplaces are same, so why do a comparative study. But the answer is, NO. None of them is same and there are different propositions on different online retailers which can help you in earning more profit. Moreover, each and every product sold by a seller is different and thus there is place for all in the marketplace. Etsy is a good place for selling homemade products while the ones without ISBN or UPC code can be sold easily on eBay.

Here is a comparative study. You can nod your head in conjunction or move your head from side to side after reading this. That is your choice. But see if you can notice a pattern.

Trust- This is the most important factor. There are sites which customers believe more than the others. Design influences trust and websites with clear and visible listing designs gain more visits. Also, the rating system matters when it comes to customers. Better trust means more sales. For instance, Amazon covers all the above points and hence is more trustworthy than other websites like eBay or Etsy.

Simple and Clear- When customers search for products, they want the list to come up in a clear and categorized manner so that they do not have to go through unending lust of products. Just by clicking on a particular item, the name of sellers come up. Clients prefer single listing for each product and whichever website provides that will gain more customers and hence selling on such a website is profit worthy. Provide clients a frustration free shopping experience so that it enhances repeat value.

Straight and Elegant Design- A consistent design on a page plays a lot in the minds of customers. Just providing information with inconsistent design does not help at all. An upscale store like Amazon, provides a uniform design along with lot of information on the product compelling the customers to make a clear choice. Also this particular website offers customization of product photos which helps in making the products more visible. Better design translated into better customer experience and better price.

Customer’s Buying Experience is Paramount- Customers are god and pleasing them is important. You cannot leave them confused. If you want the customers to return and buy products sourced from China suppliers online you have to provide a single click checkout option. Amazon for example provides this, whereas the other web stores do not. Even the returns and refunds process is simple on Amazon which makes it the choicest of buying and selling marketplace.

Sales and Promotion- Finding discount deals and coupon codes for super deals is the customers’ hobby. Whichever website makes it easy to customize coupon codes and promotions customers will follow that website. In fact, Amazon has a great system of lightning deals which attracts great deal of customers to their website. Thus, selling products using this platform is an excellent choice.

Shipping Policy- Shipping policy influences the customers great deal and here also Amazon is a clear winner because it ships its own products and also allows third party shipping. It has also launched the Prime program which provides shipping benefits for loyal customers. This means you as a seller can knock out your competition on other websites like eBay and Etsy.

Special Program- The fulfillment program offered by Amazon helps the seller to ship products even during the peak season like Christmas which means your sales volume increases even while you are fast asleep at home.

All these points talk about making a customer friendly choice in terms of a selling platform on the part of the seller. Whatever is customer friendly is definitely good for the seller. This comparative study will help you as a small and medium sized business owner to decide which platform to choose while selling your products.

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