Locating Chinese Wholesale Suppliers Smartly and Effectively

Many small and medium business owners have had a query in mind – is it hard sourcing products from China? If the answer is affirmative, then how hard is it? Well, it is considerably hard. There are 2 reasons – first, it is a huge wholesale market; second, it is different from many other markets all over the world. There are certain basic differences in their approach towards work and business which is not easy for others to understand. You will have to make a decent effort to understand their work ethic before you decide on establishing any ties with them to source products at a wholesale price.

Locating chinese suppliers

How Businesses Sourced Chinese Products Previously?

In earlier times it was difficult to source products because people had to travel to the nation for sourcing wholesale items and if it meant Asia, then it would be 10 times more difficult than the actual situation is. The product or trade fairs would be the best place to meet Chinese wholesale suppliers and find out about their process of selling items to business entities overseas. The usual process would be to visit a wholesaler, get the business card and ask to display samples before placing an order. For example, The Canton Fair in China is a huge presence in the market which is attended by thousands of suppliers and buyers from all over the world.

However, the difficulty in visiting another country include visa clearance issues, customs issues and language barriers. The cultural issue is also another one which is a tricky area. Though this was the earlier setup, nowadays it is easier and buyers do not have to face so much of trouble.

How is it Done Today?

Here are some tips on how products are sourced from China nowadays. These will help you to do the task smartly and too without much delay.

  • Be Vocal- The first and foremost thing is to act without being dumb. There are smart ways to do certain things and you must get acquainted with those to avoid being dumb. Quit your illogical demands of free samples and treating the suppliers with contempt. Also, remember not to insult their nation and not to demand work on Chinese New Year. Customizing the product is good, but have a clear idea about what is should be. Create a win-win situation for both of you.
  • Be Resourceful- Be resourceful while searching for Chinese wholesale suppliers. Either visit listing services for potential customers or search for factory website directly from search engines. However, using listing directories are definitely helpful.
  • Ensure Dealing with Original Source- Email communication has certain problems and the basic one is how to know whether you are dealing with the original source. Everywhere you will find trading companies. It is important to verify the source and also the products that they can deliver. Sometimes, there is a discrepancy between what they say they can produce and what they actually produce. To prevent any kind of untoward issues, you can ask the supplier to email you the product catalog.
  • Sample Pictures are Important- Ask the potential supplier to send a sample picture of the product you are looking for. This should be a real picture from the factory. This is particularly important before paying for a sample.
  • Info about Extra Supplies- Always ask for extra samples because here you will have to use the samples in various ways to test them before giving the final nod. You may also ask for similar product samples from them.
  • Clear Email Conversation- Send concise emails stating clearly what you want from them and what they want from you. Provide simple, clear, straightforward points and do not write paragraphs because they will not read through it.
  • Know the Tariffs- There will be levied import tax on the items you are importing. Either you will not have to pay any tax or you will have to pay 3%-17% tax.

Use these suggestions to source wholesale suppliers and products from China. These points will help you in finding verified suppliers and save you from facing any kind of debacle. Just keep your eyes and ears open when you are dealing with a foreign supplier.

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