Selling Chinese Wholesale Items Successfully on Big Online Retail Stores

Selling items on the big online retail stores has a process of its own. It is neither difficult nor easy. Once you know the tips the rest just follows. However, the biggest thing to succeed in this field is to not get intimidated by the presence of other competitors. Though it is easier said than done, you still have to do it if you do not wish to remain an unsuccessful seller. For example, a marketplace like eBay can have millions of registered sellers and you might get intimidated by their presence in the beginning but do not lose heart; you have every opportunity to succeed.

Big Online Retail Stores

Here are certain tips to help you become a successful seller of China wholesale items:

  1. Keep Low Price- Set your lowest minimum price before listing the item to sell. A low price usually gets more bids during the first few days. Established sellers follow this tip to sell more products and in fact new products. More bids generate more acceptable cost options for the seller. It also generates more interest in buyers because they view the items that have already been sold. As they say curiosity is the mother of marketing so curiosity in this regard will be gainful.
  2. No Reserve Price- This is a concept wherein the seller sells the item at a price not lower than this. Sellers must be ready to pay this to get the item or the seller is not obliged to sell it. For instance, your reserve price is $10 but the price you are getting for a particular item is $9; here you are not obliged to deliver the product at this price. However, this concept puts off bidders and is only occasionally used for selling high value items. So, the idea is not to have a reserve price if you are selling regular items to have better visibility and salability. Certain online stores like eBay have removed this provision for sellers.
  3. Images- An image is obviously more viable than words and therefore taking photos of your items and posting them on the online retail store increases the visibility and hence the salability of the product. Moreover, you can really highlight the USP of your product by taking relevant photos. You can post multiple photos if you have your own image hosting service. This will actually help to display more details about your item. Power sellers use up to 20 photos for their products making it more accessible to the potential customers.
  4. Cross-Promotion- You have listed one item and the viewers are going through it after searching. While this is on, you can paste a link to other available items so that it opens up opportunities for you to sell more items similar to that. This link is provided with the other existing links. Additional services can be used to upload images of other products and also incorporate descriptions about them.
  5. About Page- Find out the “About” page and check your profile carefully there. This is where you can establish your credibility. Not having enough credibility in potential buyers’ mind may result in unsuccessful sell endeavor. Including details about you and your business will help decrease any shadows about you and increase credibility and transparency helping your business. Include every possible detail regarding your business so that it can help your buyers to know about you. High volume sellers can also have their photo uploaded for establishing credibility.

These tips are definitely helpful for establishing the identity of your business online and on big retail stores like eBay. However, this is not the end of the list; we are coming back with another compilation for those small business entrepreneurs who are sourcing items on wholesale price from China and selling them.

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