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The Impact of Manufacturing & Sourcing Industry on China’s Economy

China’s Economy

Boosted by government infrastructure spending, a resilient property market and unexpected strength in exports, China’s manufacturing and industrial firms helped the economy post better-than-expected growth. What has enabled the transformation to happen so quickly is a multitude of factors, including cutting of overcapacity, implementation of supply-side structural reforms, industry integration …

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3 Most Common Myths Regarding China Sourcing

The stability and certainty that surround the Chinese economy are the biggest reasons why companies from all over the globe source products from here or intending to open up manufacturing unit here. Despite rising labor costs, China has kept a steady increase in both exports and imports. Global companies still …

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Two Biggest Chinese Trade Fairs Lined Up for you this year

Besides having sufficient labor resources to cope with the structural transformation, other major forces driving the China manufacturing industry include infrastructure quality, continuous and systematic support from the government on technology research, and vibrant business environment. And the trade fairs held in China, offer the domestic manufacturers to connect with …

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